Ebook – Underground Investor


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It is a guide for the future French and international investor whatever the country you are located. to earn passive income and manage your current situations about money. Money is a tool that can help you for life. (Disponible en français)

    1. Problems of everyday life
    2. Do a personal audit
    3. Solve personal aspects in general
    4. Do a financial audit
    5. Resolve financial issues in general
    6. The bullshit of personal development
    7. The bullshit in the world of entrepreneurship
    8. Any blockage with your main bank
    9. Why have several bank accounts
    10. The savings account A is not a good ideas
    11. Save money starting from 0€
    12. Choose the investment area
    13. Implementing an investment strategy
    14. Avoided making
    15. Let’s talk about taxes
    16. Go further to train yourself
    17. An example of crypto $CHSB before investing
    18. Receive returns in cryptocurrency
    19. My story before being an investor
    20. My story while being an investor


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